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Our company was established in 1985 as a plant-related design office. As the number of overseas businesses increases, we have established subsidiary in China in 1994, therefore IMAC Engineering has been developing global plant engineering business for 26 years in its 37-year of history. Currently, we have 4 factories in China and manufacture machinery and plant equipment. Under such circumstances, the needs of engineer have increased in Japanese companies, and we have been introducing foreign engineers with appropriate technical abilities from overseas so that they can acquire Japanese technology. Therefore, as a result of our attention and research on Nepal, there are many excellent university graduate engineers are looking for a place to work. To give them long-term job opportunities & to support Japanese companies, We established a system called employment support program [SAIO SHIEN SERVICE ] that can introduce excellent Nepali engineers to Japanese company from universities of Nepal. We hope that Nepalese engineers will be able to work for a long time at a Japanese company through this project.

Currently we provide Japanese language education to those engineers and introduce to Japanese company as our employees with the goal of becoming customer’s permanent employees. We support engineers who come to Japan until they adapt to the Japanese environment and company, also we assist the improvement of ability as an engineer and contribute to the recruitment of Japanese company. We are targeting overseas engineers who have received English education in order to handle design, development, management work, and overseas orders for Japanese companies. Technical intern trainees and Specific technical intern trainees (short-term employees) are exception from our target.

Company Information

PresidentIzumi Yoshitaka
Post Box〒103-0026
Branch10 Branches in Japan
Towa engineering co.ltd Nepal & TOWA
Precision Machinery Equipment CO., LTD. China
business ContentPlant engineering & employment support program
No of Employee433 (80% from Nepal)
Started business in Nepal from the year of 2012
Company President

Our Goal

Our main goal is「Long-term work for Nepali engineers, Long-term employment for Japanese company」. In Nepal, there are still many talented young engineers that Japanese companies are looking for. But because of the lack of job opportunities in Nepal, young engineers are looking for a place to work even after graduating from University. We would like to support such engineers by introducing them to Japanese companies. On the other hand, to support the company’s overseas expansion and business consignment from overseas, we would like to continue our social contribution activities for both countries by working as a bridge between Nepal and Japan.

Our services for Nepalese engineers.

Nowadays, Nepalese engineers as they go abroad, the number of temporary staffing companies is increasing in Nepal. In Nepal, it generally costs a lot of money to go abroad. But Our service is completely different compared to other temporary staffing companies. Specially, IMAC is looking for an engineer in Nepal at the request of the company, so we do not take any kind of charges from the engineers. We only get a service charge from the company. Therefore, IMAC exists in Nepal means that it will not cost any money to go abroad for work. You can go to Japan for free from now on with IMAC.
We will support you from the company’s interview until you become a full-time employee. We provide you various support after coming to Japan (pick-up at the airport, contract for an apartment, mobile etc., daily life support, full support until you become a full-time employee). Since the establishment of this business, about 50 people have become full-time employees and about 230 Nepalese engineers are working to become full-time employees. Similarly, many engineers can become full-time employees from now on.
“Money can increase the quantity but experience and motivation help to increase the quality”. Our company is mainly aiming for those engineers who is thinking about a good future in Japan and challenging new jobs to experience new things.

Future With IMAC


We are the first and only one Japanese company to support Nepalese engineers for their career in Japan. We support your daily life in japan, Japanese language, and support for learning work in company. We work in collaboration with various Japanese companies like as IT industry, construction industry, machinery industrymanufacturing industry Electrical and electronic communication industry etc. 

Regarding the future of excellent engineers, you will be hired as a full-time employee of the IMAC at first, after the temporary employee contract ends with our clients, if you obtain the qualification of the Japanese language proficiency test good class, engineering management & design engineer first class, etc. Then take charge of the work as a permanent employee engineer of the dispatched company. 



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NameLaxman shrestha
HometownGorkha, Nepal
University, facultyTribhuvan University, Civil Engineer
Current locationSizuoka , Japan 
construction engineering
Why japanFresh & hyzynic Food /carrier development.
Name D.P.(Dilip Pandey)
Hometown Kapilbastu, Nepal
University, faculty Tribhuvan University, Mechanical engineering
Current location Fukuoka, Japan
Company Monolithic refractories industry
Work Refractory material analysis work, Analyzing refractories using various analysis tools( CAD operation and system analysis software / technical examination using structural calculation software)
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NameSagar Bimali
HometownDang, Nepal
University, facultyTribhuvan University, Electrical Engineer
Current locationChiba , Japan 
CompanyMachine Tools,Honing Machine,Automobile ,Motorcycle
Related Parts,Precision Parts ,Industrial Sewing Machine
Parts production company
Why japanJapanese technology and japanese culture 

Our Team Leaders

“Design, Development & Service engineers are in high demand for various Japanese industries. The reason behind the need for engineers is, the aging population and declining birthrate here means there are fewer working-age people. Many Japanese companies are so much in need of non-Japanese talent that they have relaxed their normal Japanese-language requirements. In addition, many Japanese companies have decided to make their workplaces multicultural from the get-go, both in order to leverage non-Japanese talent and to prepare themselves for future global expansion.”

“Even if the workplace is an English-friendly one, it’s still the case that the more Japanese language skills you have the easier your life will be at work and also in your everyday life. And for those who have the prized combination of both engineering skills and good Japanese, potential opportunities increase significantly”.

Osaki(Managing Director)
S.Danny(Branch Manager)
B.Rajeev(Division Manager)

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There are lots of job vacancies for Nepalese engineers, so we can provide some recommendations immediately after your consultation. Because we (IMAC) receive job information from companies with the understanding that we will introduce them to Nepalese Engineers, there’s no need for you to re-check the requirements. IMAC can quickly suggest some options that match your needs from our list of jobs.

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